Hey Rick Trinkle -“Trains” here… I am building a test layout for the Trinkle-Trains final production room.  Here, newly assembled cars will roll onto the North end of the test layout for testing and customer final approval.


Got the bridge in today on the test layout.  Also a couple of macs sit on the test layout. Testing out coal train shots for long string visibility.



Extensive testing will occur before the cars are accepted as production finished, operationally ready rolling stock for the Denver Industrial District…part of the Front Range Division on Rick Trinkle’s O Scale Colorado Joint Line layout.


I love big modern Joint-Line power and Trinkle-Trains will give the O scale modeler exclusive access to modern coal equipment.


Truly there is nothing better than OMI brass modern power. These models are simply marvelous! The BEST!

Check back often to my website for updates; I am moving forward with all phases of my first project.

Author, photos, and modeling by Rick Trinkle