The Longmont Terminal and Northern is a branch line model railroad that loosely depicts a north south branch located between two east west main lines that cross the United States. The model railroad is roughly following the practice of the Colorado & Southern front range subdivision as it was in the 1940’s and 1950’s The town of Longview is inspired by the community of Longmont, Colorado a very typical front range rural community with both industry and agriculture.

To the south in Denver many roads serve fast overnight service between Chicago and the west. To the north the Overland Route through Cheyenne serves all the west. Home roads such as the Rio Grande offers train service to Salt Lake City and connecting routes.

This is a small sample of some of the famous name trains and limiteds faithfully captured in infallible accuracy and detail in o scale that can be seen near Longview and the LT&N.

The Chicago San Francisco Exposition Flyer

On occasions the high stepping limiteds of the golden age of rail travel detour near or even over the branch line such as the Santa Fe. Seen here a trio of Santa Fe PA’s handle The Grand Canyon detoured north over the Joint Line.

Santa Fe is a regular in Colorado, the Super Chief, High Level El Capitan, The Chief, and many mail trains.

Rock Island’s Rockets speed thier way to Denver

The Rio Grande leads the pack on home territory with the California Zephyr, Prospector, Royal Gorge, Mountaineer, Yampa Valley Mail, and many more.

Even brand new consists make special appearances near the branch line such as a Coast Daylight train by the Southern Pacific

Browse through the gallery below for some pictures of some of the exciting limiteds all in O Scale 1/48.