Some of the COSM MEMBERSHIP had a planning meeting for the Mainline Railroad Wednesday evening at Tim’s Toy Trains in Louisville, Colorado.


In attendance was of course Tim Burton of Tim’s Toy Trains, Bob Kjelland, Rick Trinkle, John Johnson, Bob Hiller, Chip Rovetta, Carl Buck, Erik Lindgren, Edward Miller, and Tom Williams to name a few.


The COSM membership decided on a structure for the various levels of membership. Scenery for the Mainline will likely be modeled after Colorado and the West.


We had much discussion about standards of the new Mainline modules and are moving forward with the design phase and building this summer. Rick Trinkle and Bob Kjelland have formed a construction planning committee and will be meeting Saturday, April 11th 12:00 to 3:00 pm. Location still needs to be finalized. All are welcome to come that wish. Our plans will include reaching a decision about the design and dates to begin construction of the Mainline Railroad.