We are very excited to announce the latest exhibit to the Longmont Terminal & Northern model railroad has just got underway.

We will be building two 22′ deep by 4′ long module extensions and wings to be added to the existing rural portion of the layout. Similar in design to the Longview extensions these light weight modules will extend the topography into a rural high plains farm and crop field.


Above is a concept illustration of the exhibit.

A rather excessive visit to the Scenic Express booth at the Rocky Mountain Train Show in March had high yields of many amazing scenic highlights and detailing materials that will be incorporated into this exhibit. Also Caboose Hobbies has been very generous with helping us proceed with these projects. We want to make a very special thank you to Caboose Hobbies!

Some of the amazing products offered by Caboose Hobbies and Scenic Express


Incredible treasures! These farming elements are very expensive but be assured they are simply marvelous; frankly incredible.


Vegetable garden with fine scale plants.


Fine scale strawberry plants.


Fine scale pumkin plants.


Fine scale bean poles.


Laser cut and etched flowering plants and vegetables.


Fine scale corn stalks; also crop rows produced by the amazing Mininatur of Germany.

This exhibit is going to be marvelous for both the educational element but also for the farmer in all of us. Stay tuned over the coming months for progress!