Hey everyone!

First of all thank you to John Johnson, Erik Lindgren, Ryes Sandoval, Myron Cunningham, Bob Meyer, Ed Miller, Leighton Moreland, and Jeff MacDonald for all the help to put on this very important exhibition at the National Narrow Gauge Convention located at the Mariot Denver Tech Center hotel and convention center. Gerald Styles, Hugh Blaney, and Patrick Tillery did a fine job with the show; we thank all of you fine gentleman for the generous opportunity to exhibit to such a fine community of high end fine scale modelers.

The busy streets of Longview is interrupted by the bamp of the horn of a slowly moving local powered by a SD9.

We had an absolutely wonderful time and met some new friends and old from all over the world.

Erik and John did the major contribution to the show which opened on Wednesday night and ran through Saturday afternoon. John was especially eager to try out the newly completed cart system for transporting the sections in the new trailer.

The entire railroad packs up on 5 carts with ball bearing casters and also act as mobile work benches while setting up the detailing of the railroad. Pure genius, the layout can be set up with one person in about 1 hours and taken down in even less time.

The St Vrain River exhibit has its own cart that easily rolls both on grass and sidewalks, seen here John rolls the exhibit into the hotel convention center.

Also we displayed the St Vrain River bridge section to the public for the first time since we started the project a year ago. This public was very discerning and thorough in their examination of the project and we had some outstanding critiques from some of the worlds best fine scale builders. One fine gentleman even measured the distance between the ties on the decking with a scale rule, every one. It was nothing but positive on the feedback and some fine accolades to boot. Erik and John are planning on a debut of the St Vrain River section in the layout at the Boulder Model Railroad Expo in December.

The Longmont Terminal & Northern performed with infallible success all week. We left the railroad running all day every day for the general public and the attendees going between layout tours and clinics. John is nearing the completion of the new 74″ radius curves that we plan to finish up this coming Spring in 2018.

Many celebrities in the community made special stops to see us and get a tour of the Short Line. Jimmy Booth of Glacier Park Models, Fred Hill of The Coach Yard, Jack Vansworth of Division Point, Chris Cline of RMC and many more. I am visiting with Chris about a feature article to be published in 2018 or 2019 of the railroad.