Erik, a founding member of the Colorado O Scale Modelers group is an avid passenger train collector and aficionado in many different ¬†scales from 1 through Z. Erik started his passion when he was a child browsing vintage magazine ads and books from the golden age of rail travel. One of Erik’s all time favorite trains and a favorite of among many rail fans alike is the world famous Southern Pacific Coast Daylight.

Erik’s interest in passenger trains is about the artistic design and original state of the prototypes as they were delivered new and with very few modifications. In an attempt to gain new ridership railroads invested heavily in innovation, design, and style along with luxury unparalleled today anywhere in the world. Erik concentrates his collecting on the colorful vibrant era beginning in the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

Erik hopes you enjoy his Daylight as much as does. Certainly a rare opportunity to see this fine model brought together in one place and to see it make a short run for the 4K video equipment on the incomparable High Plains Route model railroad is simply put, beautiful.

Be sure to stop by our YouTube page to see a video tribute of this model in action on the High Plains Route model railroad.