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Master modeler Gene Deimling added a very nice article to his wonderful P48 website.

Colorado O Scale Modeler’s member Erik C Lindgren was featured on Gene’s P48 blog.

Gene Deimling is a accomplished O scale master builder and fine scale enthusiast specializing in P48. P48 is true 1:48 scale and is thought of as the ultimate in detail and realism. Many of the COSM membership are students of the P48 realm and share Gene’s enthusiasm geared toward authenticity and fidelity to the prototype. Artists and master modelers alike are among the leagues of P48 including Lee Turner,┬áJim Zwernemann, Norm Buckhart, and many more. We feel very special to be associated with such a league of extraordinary modelers.

You can visit Gene’s P48 Blog here:

MODELING: Magic by Erik Lindgren

Thank you Gene!