The COSM had its monthly membership meeting at Tim’s Toy Trains August 1st. Thank you to all the members that came out. Bob Kjelland brought along a very promising door style module system with folding legs; a system that is tried and tested in the Midwest.  Jeff MacDonald, Ed Miller, and Tim Burton proposed we move forward with a team to come up with the new standard for the new sectional layout. Ed, Jeff, Bob, and possibly John Johnson will be included in the pencil work coming up with the standard for the COSM owned turn arounds and guidance for the membership to build their own modules. It has been decided double track mainlines will be used. Double tracking for many reasons; operations, and public viewing.

photo 1

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Ed Miller, Jeff Macdonald, Bob Kjelland, and Bob Hiller along with Tim Burton, Mike Flauding, and Erik Lindgren ran the PRB/Key Royal Gorge around Tim’s layout. In the next month or so the COSM will entertain a special run trains weekend at Tim’s Stay tuned for updates.

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Jeff Macdonald, Bob Kjelland, & Ed Miller

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The door concept is inexpensive and sturdy, accommodates a lot of serviceability. Fits nicely in a small van or make 4′ long for the back seat of a car your choice. We discussed heavily a lot of details that will be implemented into the next layout.  One member suggested Scale 3 rail a neat and promising idea with merit; this was quickly decided for another layout and another time by the majority.  If you wish to get involved and input into the COSM and the future sectional layout drop us a line or stop in one of our meetings. You don’t need to own O scale or even be interested in running trains. A desire to build a layout or structures, scenery. The fun awaits and it is going to be a fun time.

Stay tuned for the official announcement the COSM tentatively will be meeting September 4th at Jef Macdonald’s layout in Boulder.