Some of the COSM crew got together today to work on the Branch-Line “Longmont Terminal & Northern” railroad today at Western Tool. A very succesful work day was on tap and did we get things done!


John was very pleased with his progress on track work and electrical. Erik brought in trees, trees, and more trees.. did we mention more telephone poles? Erik has made these detail items in the last year for installation. He also spent some quality time with the “Flock-It-Rocket” only from Grasstech USA!


Jeff was on hand with his expertise in ballasting and vegetation installation, and has some thoughts about the layout.


Gene a new member came by and has “Not been this excited about model railroading in years!”. It first passion has been O scale and has been side lining with HO; he’s a great addition to the COSM thanks Gene for coming out! Mike a long time local O scale enthusiast also stopped in; thank you Mike we look forward to seeing you again!


The COSM had a great day of work on the “Longmont Terminal & Northern”, check back for more updates this week.