Where Next?


The COSM layout has been to Cheyenne, Longmont, Denver several times and even a couple of visits to Colorado Springs! Where do we go from here?

Currently under construction are new curves of 110″ radius (13 degree for prototype) but no plans yet on how to transport them. A trailer would be the logical answer. Then there is the issue of work and storage space.

A meeting of interested parties is in order to discuss these questions and more. Such as, do we incorporate as a club or LLC w/ stockholders. Non profit status would allow solicitation of donations with tax benefits (501(c)3 IRS status). This basically means the purpose of the organization is education based, in this case teaching about Colorado railroads and their history.

The library in Centenial has worked well before, restaurants are difficult as most want to charge $100/hr or more for their meeting rooms. Suggestions as to time and place are welcome. Something in the I-25/I-70 junction area would be more central.

Erik and I have put in countless hours and spent a small fortune to get COSM this far. The question is there any help w/ time, money, labor or facilities forthcoming or will this continue as a two man show. Many friends of COSM such as Bob Kjelland, Jeff MacDonald, Bob Hiller, and Leighton Moreland have contributed labor to the effort, but much more is needed to support a larger layout. Much has been posted lately about the demise of O scale and the lack of younger participants. Well, it’s damn difficult to sell what you can’t see. If we don’t put forth the effort to sell this great hobby, it will wither and die with us.

To quote an old saying; “It’s time to sh** or get off the pot.”

John P. Johnson Co-chairman Colorado O Scale Modelers