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Friday April 18, 2014, seven people gathered together in an old tire warehouse to discuss having some fun running trains. One brought two four foot long modules that were set up and ready to run in about ten minutes. The portable exhibit layout later became the Longmont Terminal & Northern Model Railroad Co. LLC. At the time these modules were part of a 9×35′ layout. Further discussion determined two important points: #1 trains could be run, #2 it would be fun. Since we have formed our fellowship group back in 2014 we have grown not only with our layout but also with friends. The Colorado O Scale Modelers is not a club; simply a fellowship group of O Scale enthusiasts that model an array of eras and prototypes that anyone in the hobby is welcome. Click on the Blog link on the upper right to get continued updates about the Colorado O Scale Modelers and upcoming events and meetings. We meet at rotating locations and times, watch the Blog for postings on what we are up to. If you like feel free to contact the chair of the group John Johnson via our contact page about joining in on one of our meetings.


Like Running Trains?




We love “playing” with our trains and that is what we’re all about…



Into O Scale?

Run trains. Learn stuff. Teach others stuff. Most of all have fun.  These are our core values and we intend to abide by them.  Join us at our next event, click here to find out when and where.

Fun With Rails

We move around.  We experiment with our layout and will add.  We just like to do what we love. If it is also your love, we encourage you to join us.  We’d love to see the spark for model railroading passed on to future generations and we promote a welcoming environment for all enthusiasts.

Share The Love

We’d love to see the love for model railroading passed on to younger generations… We are modelers, engineers, artists, and just plain passionate about the hobby. Click here to see a gallery of our members work and creations.

Like to build?

Click here to learn more about the modules.

Like to build? Come aboard with us and have fun and run trains!


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